My Work Study

23 March 2009, by Baptiste Autin

On 14 November 2008, I defended my degree work in computer science at the CNAM high school of Paris, thus completing five years of studies taken in addition to my job.

My studies at the CNAM are marked by diversity.
They began with a first set of courses called “Driving System” (systems architecture, system programming (C under Linux), software engineering, distributed applications, networks).

My major was database engineering: relationnal/multimedia/spatial databases, indexing, documents searching, as well as the XML standards.

I also wrote a report about metaheuristics (which are particular iterative techniques to optimize combinatorial problems).

My final report focused on my work at the Institut Curie for 18 months, where I developed a distributed software to integrate biomedical, statistical and genomic data.

These courses at the CNAM, added to my initial training as an analyst-programmer (see my CV) allow me to deal with many problems arising in IT.

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