Baptiste AutinAs an IT specialist, I have been working in the web technologies since 2000.
Today I am a J2EE developer for a software editor.

What can I do for you?
I can:

  • Help you determine your needs, and model them (UML)
  • Suggest you technical solutions (in terms of products, architectures, or frameworks)
  • Advise you in the areas I am skilled : Java J2EE, XML, multi-tier architecture, web services, PHP…
  • Design, architecture and program your software
  • Do the testing, the debugging, and the follow up
  • Build and deploy your application, write the documentation, train the future users, take on the software maintenance

Finally, I hope to contribute to the success of your project or business.

What are my plans?
I would like:

  • To participate in innovative and complex projects, preferably in an international context
  • To work in a functional area requiring analysis and responsibility (like healthcare, aeronautics, etc.)
  • To meet with experts and exchange with them. To me, working in a team means sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences!
  • Possibly, to work in Northern Europe or in Germany (I live in France today, but I am ready to move)