An XMI file converter

At the time, the XMI format exists in two versions, 1 and 2.
Unfortunately, an XMI file in version 1 is not compatible with its equivalent in version 2. Thus, a model exported by ArgoUml (which only knows the version 1) cannot be imported into Bouml (which only knows the version 2).

As a solution, here is an XMI file converter, to transform an XMI file in version 1 into version 2.
It relies, behind the scene, on my project PHP_UML, and this is just another illustration of its possibilities.
Take note that this is an ad hoc conversion, provided as is. Only the main concepts of UML, as they are serialized by some of the major CASE tools, will be recognized and translated.

Your XMI file (in version 1.x) :